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Letter W

What I Use
or have used

In the post for Letter N, I talked about my notebooks both digital and non digital, the ways that I work now vs how I have worked in the past, as well as a few of the writing related projects. You can read about that over here.

In today's post, I will share some of the screenshots of my setup for Scrivener. Many of these screenshots represent the process of me moving all of the WiP content (blog or fiction/non fiction) into Scrivener from the notebooks (digital or non digital formats).

I have created calendars inside of Scrivener using the corkboard/index card feature and plan to use these for at least one of my WiP's. I may also use the calendars for any blog posts about this or other WiP's that I may share on the writing related blog I am getting setup over here.

You can see both the calendar view, the list of projects, and parts to some projects in the following screenshots. I am able to write notes on the index cards in the current view but also open these and write in a larger space as well. I really enjoy working in Scrivener whenever I have the opportunity to do so.

The following screenshots are close ups of the list and parts of many projects.



I will likely create playlists for most these projects and utilize Spotify for the actual playlists to listen to. In one of the WiP's I am also using Libre Office Calc for the spreadsheets, in order to keep track of any notes that are specific to the songs. That particular WiP makes use of the songs to outline the entire story.  

The notes in the spreadsheet will include at the very least, a song title, artist names, why the song is on the playlist; i.e: lyrics, artists, titles, imagery from album artwork and videos. How it all relates to the different events or whatever else is going on in the WiP.  

There are also links to the songs on Spotify, videos one YouTube, and Lyrics on any Lyrics site if they are available. Here is a sample page of one part of the screenshot from a spreadsheet.

Sometimes when I am working on this project I get additional ideas for other stories from the music, which aren't related to this project or any other that I had in mind already. 

I try to write down as many of those as possible but it can be difficult when you are already trying to focus on something else. I am considering taking those ideas into a mind mapping tool at some point later and developing them more. The one that I have used most is called Free Mind, and it is free BTW. Here is a sample image of how I might use the application to assist with these extra ideas. 

It might seem odd to some but these tools really work well for my brain. I've always loved flow charts, spreadsheets, and whatever else helps to sort out or organize information.

Lastly, I wanted to give a favorable mention for one app that I have used in the past quite a bit and would consider using again. It is called yWriter and is also free. I wasn't able to find any screenshot of earlier work to share with this post but possibly I will share something on the other blog in the future. 

One reason I find yWriter appealing and consider working with it again, is that it offers the option to work on an Android device with the use of DropBox, as well as working on a desktop. 

I am still in the process of moving things into Scrivener, as well as getting set up better (I hope) after doing so much in the "green elephant" note taking app or physical notebooks.  

These things can be time consuming and then working on the various projects takes time too, so I can't really say how soon anything will be closer to done. They do get some attention though, as often as I am able to work on them, in between school, work, and life. Not necessarily in that order. 

That's it for this post, thanks so much for stopping by! Best wishes for an awesome day and evening, wherever you may be.


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