A is for Alphabet With An Alpha Freebie - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter A

w/ An Alpha Freebie

I have a bit of an obsession with Alphabet related things, which includes a huge fondness for Type / Typography, Fonts, and Lettering. Almost any type of Alphabet Book and nearly any craft projects with Letters or Words in them, it doesn't matter if they are Digital or Non Digital. 

Of course, since I experienced many losses as part of the pandemic, I am currently limited to creating with free Digital resources. I don't really consider it a limitation though, especially when there is such an abundance of quality resources out there. 

I have not really done lots of Scrapbooking but I especially like creating Alpha's that can be used for Digital Scrapbooking. I have also created some word art from some of my Alpha's, to be used for other digital art purposes, like blogs or websites, as well as calendars, and planners. 

As part of todays blog post efforts, I decided to make a set of Alpha's to share with whomever might like to use them. They will be available to download for free, for the remainder of the challenge. This is a sample of what the Alpha set looks like and the link to the zip file download is below the image. If you have any issues with the link, feel free to let me know.

Additionally, up until this February approximately, I was a long term user of a certain Note Taking App and created my own calendars to use inside that app. Usually I would also create word art  every year to go with the calendars. 

If you are interested you can find these January - December items on the connected social media accounts. They are PNG's of varying sizes, all free for personal and commercial use. Most of these will be direct download, with no links to take you elsewhere, and only the single image to save, no zip files.

That's it for today. Thanks for visiting! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to skip at least a bit of the "foolishness" that occurs. ;-)


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  1. That's really cool. I love word art. https://uniquelymaladjustedbutfun.blogspot.com/


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