S is for STORIES - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter S

There are many stories that could be shared by a woman that has struggled too much in one way or another, for most of her life. She often prefers to be able to live her life in peace and not share any of these things. Of course when life and people keep giving her material, not sharing can seem so impossible at times.
Whenever sharing seems necessary or beneficial, she knows that she can rely on many relatable tunes to assist. She has enjoyed quite a lot of music in her life so far and found that many songs seem to do a better more concise job than she might, in terms of conveying thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Some of the tunes have been Luka by Suzanne Vega, "Pretty Eyes, Pirate Smile, from Tiny Dancer by Elton John, Like a Boy by Ciara and Thru Your Phone by Cardi B.

There are more than these four songs and probably at least three times as many stories about her and her life, that could be referenced in the future. At times it seems as if the playlist will go on and on and on. Thankfully, n
ot all of her stories are about her struggles, but there have been too many. If only life was always as enjoyable as the music, then perhaps the idea of FOREVER would sound as encouraging as Sa-Roc.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you return tomorrow to check out my efforts for Letter T of the A-Z Challenge. Until then I wish you an awesome day or evening, wherever you may be.


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