K is for Kindness & K.I.S.S - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter K

There are many ways to express or show kindness to others. It's never too soon to do the right thing by another human. To lessen their burdens and lift them up. This can often be as simple as ensuring that they have whatever necessities they require as humans. Since each human is different, some individuals may require additional effort. 

It's always good to try and KEEP IT SO SIMPLE = K.I.S.S., for the one we are helping = showing kindness to, even if it is only to verbally encourage them. Adding extra to their plate as part of the help or encouragement, is not kind. 
We should also keep in mind that when we extend these kindnesses, that can be extremely helpful and encouraging to the other person, it is solely about the individual we are helping, and not about us. 

We should try to be mindful of our language, any expectations we might have, and do our best to not project any additional burdens on the other person. These all can be difficult to follow through on while we are in the middle of offering those kindnesses but it's important to keep them in mind. 

We don't ever really know or understand completely what another person might be going through. It would not be appropriate to overwhelm the other person with more, while making it easier for us, and still call it a kindness. 

Showing humility is also important in terms of kindness. Is the language appropriate? Is the timing appropriate? Is the offering appropriate to the person? Is it respectful? Did you talk to them first to determine what is better for them? Do they have more immediate concerns that need to be resolved? Are you generalizing, assuming, and thinking that a one size all approach is the way to go? Are you being mindful of any personal boundaries they have expressed, and not disregarding these to make things easier on yourself? 

If you are at least making an effort to do (or not do) some or all of these, when you are extending kindness to others, you are so appreciated! 

If you happen to be one of the people I have known or encountered in my life so far, I want to express my gratitude by saying thank you so much! This is especially so, for those I have encountered over the last three to five years, when I was struggling with displacement and homelessness. 

Several individuals made sure I was funded enough to be safe and secure in my own hotel rooms, as well as fed and watered. Many of those were in TN but there have been several that showed kindness to me after my return to FL in early 2023. I hope they will all be as blessed, as I have felt to know them, even if it was only in passing.

I also want to express some gratitude for the A-Z Challenge participants and any other visitors that have stopped by and left comments. I plan to try to catch up with all of you as soon as I can. I had been feeling ill for several days and just started to feel better mid week. Hopefully I will keep feeling well, be able to visit more blogs, and comment back by the weekend. 

That's it for this blog post. Feel free to help yourself to the word art if you are interested. I hope you will visit again tomorrow for Letter L. I also hope you have a wonderful day or evening, wherever you may be.


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