J is for JAH - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter J

It seems difficult to express all of what I think and feel, in a single blog post, where Jah is concerned, but I do want to share at least a few items. I hope these will convey at least a few of my thoughts and feelings about our Grand Creator, what he wants from us, or for us, and the highler love that is possible.
When we are actually Loving / showing Love to Each Other. Honoring One Another, the EARTH, and it's INHABITANTS (All of Jah's Creations), and thereby Honoring Jah.

Jah knows each of us, our hearts and minds, understanding what each of us is facing day to day, so let's not burden each other with extra. Lift and build each other up, rather than tearing down, oppressing, or showing irresponsible hate. Love yourself first, you can't give from empty.

Living a life based on LOVE... Love for yourself, each other, the earth and it's inhabitants. Automatically honoring JAH. Seems simple to me but also so complicated for so many, or made complicated perhaps? Complications and misery are human things, that we do to one another, sadly.

Belief or disbelief does not matter to the existence or nonexistence of a thing, so no worries for the non believers. Jah still sees you. Hopefully you are being a decent human, and as long as you are, that's what matters. True for everyone I would imagine.

The word cloud art was created by me using one of those web based free word cloud generators. Unfortunately I am not able to recall which one I used. Feel free to save and make use of them if you'd like to.

Until tomorrow's Letter K post, that's it for now, thanks so much for visiting. I hope you all have a wonderful day or evening, wherever you happen to be.


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