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Letter E

When it comes to Jewelry, I probably like Earrings as much as I like Alpha's or Fonts, and that was typically what I have purchased the most of over the years. 

Prior to the pandemic I had a nice collection of earrings, that were acquired as part of regular shopping mall trips with my daughters, back when we were younger kids or teenagers. Quite a lot of those earrings were not high end but that was ok. If we thought they were affordable, pretty or pretty cool looking, and it didn't make our skin break out, that's all that mattered. 

We used to go to the mall, get a bucket of fries and some drinks, or make the rounds for all of the free food  samples at the food court, ahead of or in between going to the different shops. 

Sometimes we also shopped for clothes, books, and music too, but I think there may have been a lot of earrings overall. There was one place that had a buy two / get one deal quite often. We'd each pick three which gave us a free pair of course. 

Additionally, throughout the years, if there was a pair that made our skin irritated, but we really loved them, I'd have to make a trip to the craft store (so terrible right, lol), and purchase replacement ear wires, so that I could switch them out. 

One of the daughters showed a brief interest in making jewelry, so some beads and other items were purchased, and this all resulted in us having a small supply of beads and findings. This eventually grew to include more beads, findings, and tools as well. 

There was not lots of jewelry making happening but the jewelry pliers still came in handy when I started working with sugar flowers, miniatures, and a host of other creative things. So it wasn't a totally bad thing since many things were getting used. 

I started making earrings for myself and some to gift to others later on. These were not too fancy, but it was enjoyable to be creating and of course if I am making jewelry, it is likely to be earrings. The only other things I might have done with these jewelry related items, was make use of them for any of the miniature crafting or weaving projects that were in the works prior to all of the pandemic nonsense.  

My current collection of earrings is smaller than it used to be. I have a little over a dozen now, with three of those being one's I made, another eight being one's I owned as far back as the mall trips with the daughters, and the rest having been gifted to me while I was in TN or after I returned to FL. 

There are some favorites in here of course, and a couple of those need to have some work done. A few of them I like lots and a few others I consider adding more to or repurposing entirely for some other creative projects. 

I still love earrings of course and may purchase more earrings as the budget improves to replacement the ones' that were lost. I have seen some really beautiful work from many bead artists over on FB, some IG accounts, and elsewhere on the web. I may share some of these in the future, because they are definitely worth sharing, even if it's just to admire and drool over some too.

It's unlikely that I will reinvest in anything more than the pliers at this point, where the jewelry making is concerned. If jewelry making is in my future, the universe will have to send me the tools and supplies, because I probably won't get them on my own. 

That's it for this post. Thanks for visiting. Hope you will return to see tomorrow's entry, for Day 6 - Letter F. I plan to talk about one or two of my favorite F related topics. 

Hope you all have an awesome day or night, wherever you may be.


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