Remote Work Is Best Due to Epilepsy = Difficult to Get and Keep Work as a Non Driver.

I need $$$ regularly for the next week or two in order to stay inside and keep working. If not I won't get paid and have to keep doing things like this online or in person. I'm a week or more away from

At Risk Of Being Out on The Street Again - Still struggling with homelessness.

I am at risk of being out on the street again! I am still struggling with homelessness that began in late 2019 technically and became worse in 2020. COVID Pandemic has not helped anyone. I already lost everything once, I'd rather not have more setbacks. 

I would like to continue to stay inside, keeping moving forward, working / being optimal for work. My current contract job will not pay for more than a week. 

I am not able to stay inside



Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!  

BitMoji Image of a likeness of me holding a cat that is waving.

Nothing else to see here, just testing the technology for potential future posting.
the kitty is no more unfortunately :'(

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