N is for NOTEBOOKS - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter N
(for Writing & Blogging)

Prior to 2017, I had a process that was less digital and more "old school" for anything that was writing related. This process involved binders full of articles and notes, as well as a typewriter, index cards, and lots of (physical) notebooks. I had a computer as part of a home office setup, and had tried a few digital products for writing but had mainly preferred to write things first in non digital ways. It seemed better to me, to move the work to a digital format at a later time, once it was ready. 

Of course, the more I worked on these writing related things, it became difficult to keep track of all of the notes and work in paper form.  I investigated different methods for organizing and tried a few of them but couldn't seem to find anything that really worked for me, or my brain, lol.
Around the same time, I happen to also be digitizing some parts of life to cut down on paper clutter. It was working out really well when it came to the organizing and retrieval of various information. It also allowed me to save trees possibly and money, where the paper and ink was concerned. I talked about this a bit, in another post over here.

As part of the digitizing process I was adding everything into the basic version of a note taking app I had been using already. I had the app on my desktop and on my phone. I was using this app for saving different items from around the web, such as recipes, articles, and bookmarks. 

This app was almost like having a second brain. It became the place where I not only saved all sorts of things to, but also the place where I planned and kept track of many creative projects, including all of the writing ideas. I had upgraded from the basic plan to allow for more space and features. I needed to be able to keep track of my coursework from the Digital/Tech training that I have been working through since 2022. It was so helpful. 

Of course the best part was being able to work consistently on the writing, with everything being so easily accessible. It is probably what contributed to me participating in the WriMo's, and actually achieving those goals at least a few times. Of course for the WriMo projects I had been working in the app and with physical notebooks, just in case the devices or app had any issues. This turned out to be a really good idea.

There were some interruptions to the work at times because of the Pandemic + Nonsense and the "camping adventures" that followed.  During this time, I didn't always have internet, or decent charging options. A few of my devices died or started malfunctioning. Notebooks got damaged from the elements. Work was lost and sadly if I don't remember it well enough or it wasn't backed up properly, I don't get it back. 

There were also updates, upgrades, and price increases with the app that were no longer supporting the way I worked or working well with my almost non existent budget. This has all led to me discontinuing my use of the app this year, exporting all of my digital notebooks, and going back to working almost entirely in physical notebooks. 

Here is a screenshot of all of the folders, that contain all of my digital notebooks, which are waiting for me to get back to them. 

The following pictures represent the writing efforts and writing related resources that I had collected. I'm considering using another note taking app but for now I have been sticking with the physical notebooks. 

It takes time to get set up in the apps again, especially when they don't work exactly the same as a previously used app. I haven't really had the frame of mind (or patience) to be bothered with the extra work that is involved with that.


The creative efforts that required tools or supplies are all going to be delayed longer, based on all of the losses. I had hoped to get back some of my personal possessions that would allow me to do more of what I enjoy. A few of those could have helped with income efforts too. 
At this point, it doesn't seem realistic. With only six months left at this location, a lot would have to change.

Then again, I'm still thinking of ideas to blog about, based on my limitations, even though it is a bit difficult. These may end up being more digital / scrapbooking resources, fiber art, or upcycled mini/paper related things and very minimal. I have ideas written in this notebook, if they happen I'll share them here.

I will work on writing projects after the A-Z Challenge, regardless. I was actually working on these pre Covid but was interrupted. I started working on the larger project again, back in November of 2022, as part of the NaNoWriMo for that year. 

I continued working on it afterward, all the way to the next NaNoWriMo, and for the remainder of 2023. I need to add more songs to go with this work. I often create playlists for all of the writing projects, but this one seems to be creating its own playlist. 

This project deals with some heavy topics too, so I have to take breaks in between when working on certain entries. This adds to what may already be a lengthy timeline. I think it will probably take a while for it to reach a point where it resembles a first draft. 

As I work on it, I may share certain entries. Depending on what the entries are about they could still be shared here but it's more likely that I will share them on a different blog. I also keep my other projects in mind and give them attention too. As long as all of the technology keeps working and my overall health doesn't get any worse, there should be more to share in the future.

I think that's it for this entry about notebooks, digital or physical, as they relate to my writing (nonfiction/fiction) or blogging (a different type of writing maybe).  Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you will return tomorrow for Letter O for the A-Z Challenge. 

Best wishes for a wonderful day or evening, wherever you may be.


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