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Letter V

Video Games
Vintage &

  1. I enjoyed playing The Sims for many years on a desktop. I owned version 1, 2,  and 3. I had most of the expansion packs for 2 and 3. I also attempted to make art and import it into my games. I was very interested in making art for games at one time, specifically scenery and buildings, but I also dabbled for a bit with some modeling/posing applications. 
  2. I had a version of The Sims 2 for PSP, and played that on a PSP 1000.
  3. I played Xtreme Games on the original Playstation. Of course I had to turn off the lady with the motivational? lectures SMH... My favorite on that one, was the luge.
  4. I loved Mario Cart on the Wii, even though I completely sucked at it, I would laugh and laugh every time I "flew" off the roadway and had to start over again. I wish I had the same outlook about real life, lol.
  5. I had Harvest Moon and I'm pretty sure I played it on two different devices, but can't recall which at the moment or which versions of Harvest Moon. It's kind of sad when you are getting older and the memory issues you already had most of your life, start getting worse. :\

  1. I mainly like fashion styles from the 1930's, 1940's, and 1950's. I would prefer to wear the less casual styles on a daily basis, not counting the days where I have to clean house. On those days I might default to jeans and a t-shirt.
  2. High waisted pants and wide leg lounging or beach pajama pants styles are so awesome. I think I could stand to have at least a few of these in my closet. I was in the process of building a wardrobe prior to 2020 and hope to get back to that sooner rather than later. 
  3. If I ever make it back to the beach in this lifetime, I'll probably want a swimsuit style such as this from my pinterest vintage board
  4. Polka Dots and Vintage seem to go together and I happen to love both. 
  5. I love suits! Both vintage suits for women or men are my preference. A favorite designer but not the only one, is Elsa Schiaparelli, and you can check out at least one of her designs on The Met Website.

  1. My favorite silhouettes from this time was the natural form and the second bustle, which ran from about 1877 to 1889 approximately. You can read a bit about it here.
  2. I also like quite a lot of the architecture and interior decor from this time, and my most favorite of the houses is the Queen Anne style. You can check out some pics and descriptions on the Wikipedia page if you like. The first picture is a bit over the top for me but I do like most of the others on the page.
  3. I've been known to watch old movies just for the fashion, everyone is so beautifully dressed!
  4. Prior to 2020 I owned more than a few pairs of boots similar to the styles on this page and a few other items that would have definitely contributed nicely to a Victorian silhouette. I was considering attending some historical or steampunk events at the time, and trying to build a small wardrobe. I needed to sew a few items, and planned to make this collapsible bustle. So I was in process of planning out these projects, based on what I had available to work with at the time. Of course COVID had other plans for many of us, and so much that was in the works, just didn't happen.
  5. As much as I appreciate many aspects of this era, I do not wish to go back in time and live there. Just send me some dresses, corsets, the keys to a Queen Anne, that is appropriately decorated, and I'll be fine. Similar things can be said about some of the other time periods in our history.

That's it for today's post, thanks for visiting! Best wishes for an awesome day and evening, wherever you may be.


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