T is for Ten Things - #atozchallenge 2024


Letter T
Ten Things

About Julie 

1. TEAL - It's my favorite color.

2. Technology - Just A Simple Girl In A High Tech Digital World ... I'm always looking for opportunities to learn and possibly gain access through any free beta tests, product reviews, or even deeply discounted options. It could be home office tech, gaming tech, art tech, crafty tech, kitchen tech, or workshop tech, I think it's all so fascinating. The link goes to lyrics for the song by Jewel, titled Intuition.

3. Treadles - As in old sewing machines that were foot powered. I owned two of them at one time. One was a Singer from 1912 and the other was a White Family Rotary from 1913. I loved them both but between the two, if I could get another treadle sewing machine, it would probably be the White FR. All of the links lead to pictures of similar machines for reference purposes. I had sewing machines that were useful but if I were funded enough to be a collector, I would probably want a Fiddle bed with fancy decals in pristine condition, something I could drool over. Not literally of course. 

4. Typewriters - As much as I love modern technology, I actually appreciate old tech more, and old Typewriters are at the top of the list. I had one from the 1940's. It didn't have an exclamation point and if you wanted to type it, you had to create one by using two other keys and backspacing before pressing the second key. It was a Smith Corona and was nearly the same as this one over here, but didn't cost that much. 

5. Thrifting, or Thrifty Shopping - Most of what I have owned over the years has often been purchased from thrift stores, yard or garage sales, clearance, or similar sources online. I often get more excited that I got a thing for $5 instead of $25, than one might get excited for the actual thing they are purchasing.

6. Tea - I do like to drink lots of coffee and sample different brands or flavors. The same can be said about Tea, and a couple of my favorites are this one... and this one.

7. Toons - When I was a small child I enjoyed toons like the Road Runner, Ant and Ardvark, and Pink Panther. As a large child, I have enjoyed watching Kim Possible, Dragon Ball Z (Abridged mostly), and Powerpuff Girls.

8. Tennessee -  I lived in north western Tennessee for a short while before returning to SE FL. Outside of the camping adventure, and well, being outside too much, it was really beautiful, almost magical, I miss it a lot. I have considered returning at some point but there would need to be better housing options in place ahead of that.

9.  Ten - It's not my favorite number. :P

10. Turtles (& Tortoises)  - I love turtles! Tortoises are pretty cool too. Do you like turtles or tortoises? What is your most favorite thing about them? It's OK if you it's not your thing, or if you can't think of something to say. It's also OK to use some of these lines the next time someone gets too nosey or asks you something that you'd rather not talk about, I have. :P

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have an awesome day or evening, wherever you happen to be. 


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