U is for UPCYCLING -#atozchallenge 2024


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Upcycling is not only useful, it is also really great for the environment and an affordable way to be creative and more organized. I have been known to save all sorts of things from the landfills for both of these purposes. I don't shop with some specific use in mind but I've often been excited that I was getting more boxes or a certain type of container as part of my grocery order. 

Some of my soup cans became pencil holders, and some of my aluminum beverage cans or plastic beverage bottles have been dissected to be used as cookie or clay cutters. I don't have lots of pictures to share since I am starting over again after many losses but one of the creative projects I have been the most happy with, was made by upcycling a cardboard box. It was a Cardboard Box Inkle Loom.

Here are a bunch of boxes that I have on hand currently, which is a portion of my resources for creativity and organizing. Offering possibilities of looms, mini projects, a desktop tool caddy, and much much more!

This particular upcycle also required some hard wood dowel rods, and some tape. I used duct tape for the first two looms I made and while I do have more duct tape on hand I still need to get more dowel rods to create my third cardboard loom. 

Loom #1 was lost with the large storage unit in 2020, and Loom #2 shown in the next picture was left in TN when I traveled back to FL. I traveled by greyhound and didn't think it would survive the trip. 

As soon as I get more dowel rods, I will be making Loom #3 because I really enjoy weaving. It may be a long time before I can afford another loom that is not Cardboard (or PVC, which I've also done in the past.), and I'd rather not wait, plus the cardboard is easily obtainable.

Here is another picture, it's one of the inkle bands I wove on one of the first two looms. I can't recall which of the looms, but I think it turned out really nice, and it's held up for a while now. 

The first CB Box Loom happened after I was investigating diy loom projects and found HeartsOnFibre's DIY Cardboard Box Inkle Loom Project. This link is to the first part of what I think is a three or four part tutorial on how to make your loom and then begin weaving on it.

I enjoyed weaving on Loom #1 so much that after I got settled for a bit in TN, I made Loom #2, and now that I have been settled a bit here in FL, of course I want to make Loom #3. As time, grocery orders, and decent pictures allow, I'll try to share some of what I'm working on, where all of my creative upcycles are concerned.

Loom #3 is just one of the CB box upcycle projects I have in mind and I am always on the lookout for more ideas for creative upcycling. I especially love to find projects that are also useful tools as well, such as this loom. 

I was finally able to get a printer recently as well and I'm having to exercise some self control in my printing. I look at a few of my larger boxes and see dollhouses, castles, and other mini architecture possibilities. That all has me thinking about all the printies, wallpaper, or other items that I could print to make or decorate those spaces. In between the weaving and adulting of course.

That's it for this post, thanks for stopping by. Best wishes for an awesome day and evening, wherever you may be.


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