Remote Work Is Best Due to Epilepsy = Difficult to Get and Keep Work as a Non Driver.

I need $$$ regularly for the next week or two in order to stay inside and keep working. If not I won't get paid and have to keep doing things like this online or in person. I'm a week or more away from

being funded again.

No help now will have a large impact on that future that most helpful orgs seem to be focused on. I don't want to move backwards, please help me keep going forward.

Please help.

CashApp is $JulieMorganDomena

Venmo is @Julie-Domena

PayPal is @morewarpedthanweft - It may show up as jmd CREATIVE in Clarksville, TN and still me.

You can also book a room with Wyndham Hotels and then contact the Days Inn North Clarksville, TN 37040 and let them know it's for me. If you live local you could go to the hotel directly. Purchase and gift points for discounted or free stays to me.

If you help, thanks so much for the love and kindness!


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