At Risk Of Being Out on The Street Again - Still struggling with homelessness.

I am at risk of being out on the street again! I am still struggling with homelessness that began in late 2019 technically and became worse in 2020. COVID Pandemic has not helped anyone. I already lost everything once, I'd rather not have more setbacks. 

I would like to continue to stay inside, keeping moving forward, working / being optimal for work. My current contract job will not pay for more than a week. 

I am not able to stay inside

and keep working for more than three days! 

I am not getting offered on-site positions so far. It could be because I do not drive. My choice to not drive is due to my Epilepsy / seizure history. 

It might also be that my pirate smile is an issue for many employers. This is also related to my Epilepsy / seizure history, a side effect of the anti-seizure meds that resulted in a dental osteoporosis (bone loss), contributing to missing teeth and overall poor dental health.

It is possible they are familiar with the homeless struggles more than the workforce IT training I have completed so far, any other skills already in place, or contract work already done, recently ended. 

I have not been able to qualify for disability and may need to appeal but will probably have to find a way to work. The most realistic and successful to date has been remote work. Onsite work more often than not, requires accommodations to be successful. 

I have remote opportunities already in place and at least two lined up to start over the next 2 weeks. I need to stay inside so I can do the work. If I have to go outside, the work wont get done, I won't get paid. I will not be able to commit to any onsite positions that may be interested. 

I would appreciate the help, please and thanks. :)

Thanks so much!

Julie Ann


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