I Heard It Was Someone's Birthday...

I am not really in any position to celebrate, even if I was feeling festive.

Of course, I still needed to eat, so...

I used the gift card for Applebee's that a lovely local person gifted to me sometime last week.

Had my food delivered to my hotel room. 

Enjoyed my last supper on what makes the fifth and final night of my week long stay here at the Days Inn North, Exit 4, in Clarksville.

Both the food delivery and two of the five hotel room days were covered partly by some other lovely locals. With the remaining days being covered by a portion of what is left of that ???$timulating thing??? that was gifted to me and some others here in the U.S.

I would really love to stay longer or have some other option, not a bunch of non options still. 

I'd mostly like to not go back out and be on display again. 

Even if I am getting helped and oh so grateful for that help.

It's good that I get help when I'm out there, because exactly how long is cough cough cough x cough cough plus .34 cents, supposed to last anyone, when there are things that need taken care of and people too???

And the nearest grocery place can't use it's surveillance equipment properly. Seems like. This is some other nonsense that forces me to do more work as an already struggling person, for almost another year. 


Not sure why anyone would want to postpone the potential joy they could bring to another person by limiting themselves to just one or two days out of the year.

It does seem to be a thing with some people.

Not with me though.

So, if it is anyone else's Birthday, somewhere out there, today or any other during this month of January, I sincerely hope it has been or will be an awesome day for you, full of good food, good people, and lots of love.

Three things I'd be down for any other day of the year too.

I also hope that you and yours are safe from the whole COVID thing.

After that, all I can say is that the food was good, the hotel stay was better than the last (less to do that was work), and at least I know my God loves me lots.

I'm really tired and must go now, so...

So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen!, and Good Night!

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