Permission To Camp Is Needed

We residentially challenged... I mean traveling folks, are in need of a long term location in Clarksville or not too far outside of the city, where we can set up our tents.

How can we be expected to progress, and accomplish anything, when we keep having to move. 

Why do organizations offer tents and sleeping bags right from the start but no stable location where we can set up our campsite???

Important Questions IMO.


A little off topic maybe, but???

Why is being displaced and residentially challenged not emergency enough for FEMA to offer us all a trailer. 

Why do organizations not go around to where we are and help us directly. Why do these advocates/others get to sit in their heated / air conditioned office and make the struggling people do more work???

Also, don't tell me about Covid problems when you are too often trying to get us all in a shelter or warming center, instead of our own separate space.

Some of us can't even do group settings and require our own separate space, private with locking doors. Seems like forcing us to do otherwise, is potentially like sending us to our deaths.

Why is that even happening???

So many questions...

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