Overstepping Is Not Helping

Since I became homeless, I have only had one person ask permission to take a picture.

Countless others pass by taking pictures, video, or offer to help raise money through FB live or similar venue. 

I might hang out in front of certain businesses at night, specifically because they have cameras, and that is my choice.

After that, unless you are some government authority,

that has legitimate reason to be doing these things???

Please don't.

You most likely will be contributing to the stalking or other violations of privacy that were part of why I'm out here.


I am at a point where I think of actually giving up on the idea of having any kind of privacy, esp when I am on display and accessible 24 - 7. 

Being on display for any one to see, talk to, yell obscenities at, proposition, take pictures of, video tape, scream at, be seen socializing with, or whatever else, is actually one of my least favorite parts of being homeless. 

People getting offended and arguing with me over my choice to decline certain offers, is another one. 

Not everyone does the above, and I appreciate all the people that stop to help, offering food, food / personal expense money, hotel rooms, or hotel room money. 

Interestingly enough, they aren't being disrespectful, and trying to overstep. Only one wanted a picture, he asked permission.

Most offer the help and go on about their business. Some do talk a little maybe and that's fine, but they usually don't overstay, overstep, or overreact when I decline certain things. 

That's how it should be. 

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