Literalis Things & No Malice

One thing you may find interesting, or not... 

I believe the world would be a better place if we removed the Malice. So a #WorldWithoutMalice is an important thing to work toward in my opinion.

Another thing...

I also tend to see many things literally at first glance, so if something has an alternative meaning, or looks in some way to be like another thing, phonetically or otherwise, I might like or dislike it. 

Once in a while, I might say to myself that is silly or wrong and give a person or thing the benefit of doubt.

So when someone with a name that somewhat resembled the word Malice, potentially in sound, responded to my craigslist ad recently, my initial thought was...

Do Not Even Bother!!!

Esp when my phone is crapping out on me more and more every day.

Of course, maybe that's silly, maybe this person is an awesome human worthy of my time and efforts bothering with the tech frustrations???

Or not???

This is only one example of the fun that I refer to as Literalis.

I also get vibes, not sure what else to call it, the energy maybe that people have, and if that has the same leaning as the Literalis, I usually avoid the thing or person. 

The times I have not avoided, turned out to be bad, so I don't ignore the vibe/Literalis negatives anymore.

If they are conflicted or non existent, I try to withhold judgement until I get to know the person or time to investigate the thing in question.

Positive Literalis and vibes do happen and they have mostly been awesome.

I have occasionally added these things to a list of story ideas... 

Like when people say things like, Liar Liar Pants on Fire, I think what an amazing idea for a story or even an actual thing, lol... 

Where the liars of the world actually have there pants burst into flames. On second thought, maybe not... 

Would there be any people left? 😋


That thing was so... My head exploded (I can't even recall the exact saying that I would not ever use...) 

Of course it gets me thinking about people's heads exploding and what a mess that would be. Too much work IMO, who needs that right, lol. 

Maybe we should be more careful about what we say? Regardless of what it is. 

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