It's Not OK or I'm Not OK With It.

It's Not OK or I'm Not OK With It...

It's Not OK or I'm Not OK With It...

It's Not OK or I'm Not OK With It...

1. That anyone is ever homeless for more than a few hours.

2. That there is anyone going hungry, having to steal, scam, or fish through a trash can for food.

3. Already eaten on leftovers being offered to any homeless / less fortunate people. 

4. Assuming that a person who is in a seemingly desperate situation, will say yes or should, to whatever "help" is offered. 

5. Getting upset when we say no to the "help" that is offered.

6. Not offering to help at all, esp with what is urgent or practical, but offering a bunch of advice or vague information about what you think we should or could do. Esp. without knowing us or our history. Or knowing and disregarding because you think you know what is best for them.

7. Asking struggling people to do more.

8. Assuming that everyone will get the help they need, or have a successful outcome from their efforts, just because there are programs, or places that help. Assuming it is automatically their fault when they are not successful.

9. Allowing or putting vulnerable people out on the street, just because your guidelines or supervisor / other says so. 

10. One size fits all "help".

11. Dormitory style shelters for everyone.

12. Shelters with 50+/- beds for men but 8 +/-for women.

13. Having to qualify for housing when you are homeless.

14. Food banks that only give free meals one or two times a week.

15. Shelters that only help with overnight stays and make you leave during the day.

16. Offering tents and sleeping bags but no place to set up camp.

17. Asking us if we have family or friends that we can stay with... 

18. Telling us to social distance, be clean, hygienic, or whatever else is needed to be healthy in general and safe from Covid. Then suggesting we should go to a shelter, esp. overnight and daily, and not be able to expect the same for ourselves.

19. Services or resources that are concentrated on one side of town. Services or resources that are not mobile and should be. Services that should not be services to qualify for, but resources freely given.

20. Assuming someone else will help.

21. Not helping because it's not going to be easy, or it's an inconvenience or it will be uncomfortable.

22. Assuming that I am out here for something other than domestic traumas, systemic bs, and lack of a regular income.

23. Assuming I don't have any skills, knowledge, or professional abilities, and speaking to me as if that is true.

24. Assuming I am lazy when I am mostly tired and struggling from chronic health or trauma related issues.

25. Assuming it's OK to ask me lots of personal questions, or automatically talk to me whenever, just because I am accessible 24 7.

26. Assuming I am not a nice person because of any of the above, whatever follows, or because I ask you to maintain social distancing, and to not smoke around me.

27. Assume I won't turn you in to the PoPo if you proposition me or make me feel threatened. On or off the street, homeless or not.

28. Assuming I will always care, and keep going or waiting.

29. Assuming I am OK with any of this, that has been going on since last year, or maybe longer???

30. Assuming.

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