Permission To Camp Is Needed

We residentially challenged... I mean traveling folks, are in need of a long term location in Clarksville or not too far outside of the city, where we can set up our tents.

How can we be expected to progress, and accomplish anything, when we keep having to move. 

Why do organizations offer tents and sleeping bags right from the start but no stable location where we can set up our campsite???

Important Questions IMO.


A little off topic maybe, but???

Overstepping Is Not Helping

Since I became homeless, I have only had one person ask permission to take a picture.

Countless others pass by taking pictures, video, or offer to help raise money through FB live or similar venue. 

I might hang out in front of certain businesses at night, specifically because they have cameras, and that is my choice.

After that, unless you are some government authority,

Literalis Things & No Malice

One thing you may find interesting, or not... 

I believe the world would be a better place if we removed the Malice. So a #WorldWithoutMalice is an important thing to work toward in my opinion.

Another thing...

I also tend to see many things literally at first glance, so if something has an alternative meaning, or looks in some way to be like another thing, phonetically or otherwise, I might like or dislike it. 

Once in a while, I might say to myself that is silly or wrong and give a person or thing the benefit of doubt.

So when someone with a name that somewhat resembled the word Malice, potentially in sound, responded to my craigslist ad recently, my initial thought was...

Donations Needed

Thanks in advance to all the Awesome People Locally or Elsewhere...

This is to keep me off the street, out of the cold that will soon be freezing temps, with the rain, etc. 

It would also help with the purchase of a Greyhound Bus Ticket or some other mode of transportation to a warmer location in a Southern State.

Digital Donations are also safer and tend to help obtain cheaper rates and less hassles at hotels.

You could send money as a friend to help me avoid the fees. 

Use the number # 9 3 1 2 7 1 2 8 3 2 to find my PayPal.


View this website in it's non mobile state and you will see a PayPal Button at the bottom of the page that will direct you.


Text me at that number and we can arrange for a meet up in a public place for non digital assistance (cash donations or FOOD & Beverage which is still awesome).

Thanks in advance for your kindness and generosity.