Another Playlist - Musical Revelations


This playlist has a focus that is both religious / biblical and secular / worldly I guess. Complicated to really explain beyond trying to make either side aware of different issues that can or have effected us all.

I hope to create a spreadsheet of playlist notes for this playlist and possibly categorize this list more in to the specific topics it covers. So people might understand why I picked a song if it is not so obvious.

I may edit this list, add to or take away at times, and don't have a problem with people making suggestions as long as it's some civil discourse.

If you would like to add to this list any song that you feel is needed, it is a collaborative list.

I called it Musical Revelations but I am considering "SongsToWakePeopleTehFuqUp" maybe... IDK


It is on Spotify right now but possibly when life is less of a hassle I will get around to working more on the YouTube list and eventually get to Amazon again. 

If anyone wants to assist with those music clients, feel free.

Hope everyone is having a better day.


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