Help Cubesmart Make Money

When they take advantage of my current circumstances. 


Hi $$$$$,

Just a reminder that if we do not get payment by 7/13/2020 we do have to schedule your unit for the 8/22/2020 public auction. You can call in payment to 813-348-2344.

CubeSmart Self Storage, Store 5844 

Since I have been unable to survive well enough on my own. The government is slow with the stimulus, and I don't have a working phone to get calls from the employers who are probably not calling anyways. Covid is still a thing...

Also, I have been too tired, sick, underfunded, or depressed maybe, to be consistently functional since January.

Before that actually.

Add to that, the inability to get enough of the kind of help I need, fast enough or consistent enough to make a difference in my life.

All this was mostly brought about by abusive stalking assholes that I tried to get away from with varying degrees of success or lack of... and then systemic BS.

This is over 53 years and counting, of my life that now seems to have been largely a waste of my time.

Just so we are clear, this is not all about stuff in a storage unit.

That is a small part compared to Everything Else that has happened over the years.

Often, I get asked, do you have family and friends...

I am forced to say no, none that I can count on for anything right now, for various reasons, it seems. Some reasons I can understand, but most I can't.

In my head mostly, I think... Oh wait, I could count on many of them for being molested, raped, stalked, used / taken advantage of, lied to, spied on, potentially date (drugged) raped, infected (past tense), and then ignored and ditched finally when it seemed I was useless, too much work, not good enough, not saying yes to their BS, not going a long with their lying, cheating BS, or other abusive crap.


Anyhow, someone out there might as well help the corporation stay in business and keep failing the individual.

I know, real family and friends, the one's that love you, don't leave their people struggling, or do these things. So then, to all the people I leave behind, you weren't ever really loving, or family, or friends, were you? Just some people who I'd have been better to have not ever met, birthed, or been related to.

It seems to me that it would have been kinder for my parents to let me die rather than save the premature life with the blood transfusion and whatever other medical treatments may have been necessary.

So, as I am about to become homeless again for the third or fourth time in my life, also have health issues, and am really tired of trying, don't be too surprised when I stop.

A last request... Quit asking the struggling person to do more and quit insulting them with words of concern or caring advice when they really need immediate and practical action based help.

Just so you can feel better about yourself, as if you did something awesome, when you didn't do anything.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope life is being kinder to you and yours.