My Negative Covid Screening Results!

The reasons why I had to have it, didn't work out, but a negative result is awesome.

I keep to myself quite a bit, wear the mask, and practice good hygiene. As much as one can under the current circumstances.

So hopefully that will continue to be one less thing to worry about.

Rescued By An Angel

Even IF Only Temporarily

A fellow house mate from the one shelter I stayed at in June, here in TN, had to leave the shelter early and was helped by a local church org with a hotel for some weeks. 

She recently was able to make some other arrangements for herself and her children based on her improved circumstances (YAY for her!), so she offered her remaining three days to me and the church org agreed to the transfer of the room. 

You have no idea how relieved I was when she, her children, and her children's father came to my rescue, literally. Drove over to the Walmart parking lot found me and then brought me over to the hotel. 

I have been having phone issues and unable to really reach out or receive communication regularly, AND only about three or four people knew where I was hanging out around town.  

So, I am here until Friday morning, unless something else works out. I have reached out to almost everyone that I could have, and this was a list of org's, or churches, or people, that I thought of, found online, or was referred to by the same angel that gave me her remaining days, or one or two others that were also former house mates from the same shelter. 

Amazing women, all of them. We are all survivors and we deserve so much more, so much better than we have been given in life. So do our children, those of us that have or had them. We shouldn't have to keep asking, begging, groveling, being slaves, for what should be a basic right in life. Basic rights any and every human should have.

There is one other person I want to thank, another angel... Who made some connections of her own, work for me, so that I could get my free Covid Screen done. It was mainly drive up and I don't drive due to the Epilepsy history and other mostly neuro and some developmental issues. 

I thank her for her help, which is still appreciated even though the reason I need the test results done did not work out. It was to get in some other shelter in another city... 

A we can't help you here so we are gonna pass you on to some other location, let them deal with it... Oh but we won't tell you that they might not have the space when you get there and you just might be homeless over there too. I'm sure they meant well, but at the end of the day, it's my life that they are making worse by meaning well.

IMO, better to just stay here in this town where it's at least a bit quieter, I guess.

Anyhow, I got a call from the Dept of Health here in TN and my result was Negative. YAY for that! Hate to have to be sick, more than I already feel some days (for other reasons) and be on the street too. I'm supposed to get the results in the mail but who knows when I will make it over to the Post Office to get them. 

Anyhow, since I am still technically limited to WiFi based communication and may be back on the street, if none of the org's or people step up soon... Please stick to email or text communication if you have the info. Especially after Friday morning.

If you want to pay for some more nights for me or reach out to me for other practical assistance purposes, and don't want to make a donation to my PayPal (button at the bottom of the blog), you could call the hotel I guess... 931-552-3330. Tell them it's for Julie.

If you are just calling to talk, save it for some other time, thanks. I'm kinda all talked out, at the moment, and probably don't have much nice to say to lots of people.

If you really want to help me be self sufficient and survive or better, donation of money and other practical resources is the way to go. That's probably true for lots of homeless, poor, struggling people. Quit asking the struggling people to do more. Step up. and HELP. Don't just offer with no follow through. 

If you can't that's fine, if it's just that you won't, wtf is wrong with you???

Thanks for reading.

Hope you are having an awesome day.

*** Two more Angels I want to thank, a lovely lady at a hotel I was hanging out at, a young mother, she brought me some ice and gave me $10, I got some food at McDonalds when I was too tired to walk to Walmart, it was a bit farther and a lot hotter that day. Another house mate at the shelter, another young mother, sticking up for her daughter more than my own mother ever did for me, she gave me rides too, so I could get some stuff, and not have to walk in the heat. If there is anyone I left out, I apologize, and I'm sure I will think of you and mention you later. ***

More Love Notes From Cubesmart


I am jobless  and also homeless because of the joblessness, and abusers that I had to leave. What exactly do they think is going to happen for me in four days, when it hasn't happened in a month or more.

Also, they don't even know what 77 / 78 degrees is, or maybe how to work the thermostat controls for their air conditioning system?

Music Can Be Therapeutic (NSFW possibly)

It can lessen the intensity of the bad things in life and if one song doesn't work for you, no worries... 

There is so much great music out there, you can switch that tune out for something that does work.

Here's a playlist I've been working on for a while now, I've included my google sheets notes that has some commentary related to events of my life or thoughts about different things.

I still work on this from time to time, add to it, take away, and / or revise the commentary / notes because sometimes my thinking does get adjusted.

Sometimes for the better, other times not. 

Try not to take things too personal unless it is about you and it applies. 

It's probably going to be triggering for some people. Not as bad as the previous post probably was, so sorry for that, but do try to be more upset with the abusive arseholes, and not me. 

Please and thanks.

I didn't get this way by myself.

So, here they are...

The Spotify Playlist: Once Upon A Time

My Google Sheets Commentary: Commentary PlylstNts

The commentary may not be in the exact order that the playlist is, or vice versa maybe, but that isn't exactly the point of this right now.

I have left the comments option available on this post but hope that all you will share is your own playlists or possibly commentary about how music has also helped you throughout your own life.

All music is welcome even if you didn't see the title / genre in this playlist.

Thanks for stopping by. 

Hoping you at least find some tunes here that you enjoy.


Help Cubesmart Make Money

When they take advantage of my current circumstances. 


Hi $$$$$,

Just a reminder that if we do not get payment by 7/13/2020 we do have to schedule your unit for the 8/22/2020 public auction. You can call in payment to 813-348-2344.

CubeSmart Self Storage, Store 5844 

Since I have been unable to survive well enough on my own. The government is slow with the stimulus, and I don't have a working phone to get calls from the employers who are probably not calling anyways. Covid is still a thing...

Also, I have been too tired, sick, underfunded, or depressed maybe, to be consistently functional since January.

Before that actually.

Add to that, the inability to get enough of the kind of help I need, fast enough or consistent enough to make a difference in my life.

All this was mostly brought about by abusive stalking assholes that I tried to get away from with varying degrees of success or lack of... and then systemic BS.

This is over 53 years and counting, of my life that now seems to have been largely a waste of my time.

Just so we are clear, this is not all about stuff in a storage unit.

That is a small part compared to Everything Else that has happened over the years.

Often, I get asked, do you have family and friends...

I am forced to say no, none that I can count on for anything right now, for various reasons, it seems. Some reasons I can understand, but most I can't.

In my head mostly, I think... Oh wait, I could count on many of them for being molested, raped, stalked, used / taken advantage of, lied to, spied on, potentially date (drugged) raped, infected (past tense), and then ignored and ditched finally when it seemed I was useless, too much work, not good enough, not saying yes to their BS, not going a long with their lying, cheating BS, or other abusive crap.


Anyhow, someone out there might as well help the corporation stay in business and keep failing the individual.

I know, real family and friends, the one's that love you, don't leave their people struggling, or do these things. So then, to all the people I leave behind, you weren't ever really loving, or family, or friends, were you? Just some people who I'd have been better to have not ever met, birthed, or been related to.

It seems to me that it would have been kinder for my parents to let me die rather than save the premature life with the blood transfusion and whatever other medical treatments may have been necessary.

So, as I am about to become homeless again for the third or fourth time in my life, also have health issues, and am really tired of trying, don't be too surprised when I stop.

A last request... Quit asking the struggling person to do more and quit insulting them with words of concern or caring advice when they really need immediate and practical action based help.

Just so you can feel better about yourself, as if you did something awesome, when you didn't do anything.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope life is being kinder to you and yours.